80% of visitors review testimonials before signing up or buying. So it's time to get collecting testimonials from your customers. Here's 7 ways to collect more customer testimonials

  • In your website footer, just like we do on Senja
  • After your customer hits a milestone. Do you send emails congratulating your customers on hitting milestones or activating a feature? That's a great time to promote your collection link
  • In your email footer: add your link to your email footer
  • On your social channels. You can link to your Wall Of Love or Collection Form in your social bios. The perfect way to create an unforgettable first impression
  • In your chatbot: message active customers a link to your collection form after they login or after a good chat with them.
  • In your customer community: do you have a community for your customers? Share the link there
  • With an incentive. Speak to your sales and marketing team. Who are your best customers? Send them your collection link and offer a $20 voucher if they leave a testimonial

Sign up free to Senja to create a beautiful testimonial collection form, powerful testimonial management tools, and the ability to share them when and where you need.