Most course creators are aware that social proof can help you increase your course revenue. But how do you use it effectively. This guide shows you how to use your social proof at every stage of your buyer cycle.

Beta launch of your course

You know you're going to need social proof to get more people to sign up for your course, but how do you have it ready for launch? A top tip is to give free beta course access in return for feedback and a testimonial.

Launch your course

You've launched your course course and want to drive more sales. You need more visitors to your course page, more conversions on the page, and more course completions. The good news is social proof can help you achieve them all.

How to get more visits to my course page

  • Link to your Wall Of Love in your email
  • Share testimonials from your previous course
  • Create and share social images from testimonials

How to convert more visitors to your course page

  • Get more people to join my course - on course sign up page
  • Widgets embedded
  • Add a widget next to CTA

How to get more people to complete your course

You need to get more people to complete yourr course. Using testimonials during the course process can increase completion rates and word of mouth.

  • Showcase success from previous people

Sell to people who have completed your course

You want to get people who’ve completed your course to book another course, or book your one-on-one coaching.

  • Create a second Wall of Love with testimonials for your coaching service