Social proof is like a super-power for SaaS founders - helping with marketing, sales and recruitment. Now you've started collecting testimonials, you'll want to understand how you can use them to grow your SaaS business.

In this post I'll cover how you can use you social proof to improve the performance of your sales, marketing and recruitment functions. So, how can social proof help?


  • Get more replies to your outbound sales messages
  • Help you handle objections
  • Close more sales leads


  • Get more website visitors
  • Increase website sign ups
  • Activate more sign ups
  • Book more demos


  • Get more job applicants and hire better

Here's 8 ways to use your client testimonials to grow your business:

If you're a freelancer, see this guide to requesting testimonials.


Get more replies to your outbound sales messages

When sending outbound messages, social proof is often the difference between getting an eager response and silence. Link to your Senja Wall of Love filled with social proof to get a higher outbound response rate.

Outbound includes DMs to leads on Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn, as well as email outreach. Here's an example of using social proof in your outbound emails.

Handle lead objections

Trying to close a tricky lead? Struggling to address their objections? Whether it's doubts over your pricing, your support quality or time to integrate - testimonials can help. Find testimonials that discuss the objection from similar companies, and use them to convince the lead that they're in capable hands.

With Senja you can find the right testimonial for the job using our powerful testimonial search features.

Close more sales: share your Wall of Love with leads

Social proof is a powerful way to close enterprise customer leads: to get them to sign up to your SaaS.

When sending your proposal to your lead, share you Wall of Love link or beautiful image testimonials from similar customers. These are proven to help you win more deals.

Here's some other places you can increase your social proof with your Senja Wall of Love link

  • In your chatbot when dealing with inbound enquiries
  • On your website's navigation
  • On your website's footer
  • In your bio on your social channels
  • In your email footer


Get more visitors: create social posts featuring your testimonials

Turn your testimonials into beautiful social images. Share them on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and your other social channels. Create awareness of your service and drive visitors to your website.

With Senja, you can turn ANY testimonial or group of testimonials into a stunning image, like this:


Get more sign ups: Add testimonials to your website

Increase conversion with social proof on your landing page. Senja has over 40 testimonial widgets you can add to your website, without designers or developers!

As well as adding widgets to your landing page, you can also add them to your sign up pages, demo pages, upgrade pages, and if you're in ecommerce, your checkout page.

Finally if you're selling on Gumroad, Podia, or any other platform, you can add your social proof there.

Here's an example of a Senja testimonial widget on our landing page

Add social proof to your landing and sign up pages to increase sign ups

Book more demos: add social proof to your 'Request a Demo' page

Add testimonials to your SaaS 'Request a Demo' page to increase conversion rates. Testimonials are proven to increase conversion by up to 30% which means 30% more demos without increasing marketing spend or effort.

You can use Senja to embed testimonials into your demo page without code. Here's an example:

Add testimonials to your 'request a demo' page to increase conversion

Activate more sign ups: with

Don't just use testimonials to acquire more sign ups - use them to activate customers. Send new sign ups tips from your best customers on getting started. This could be a wall, a series of images in an email, or a video.

These aren't traditional testimonials, but who cares? It's a great way to authentically guide people to success from people like them who have been there and done that!

Show new sign ups how to get to success more quickly


Hire better: create a Wall of Love featuring your team

A Wall of Love can also be used to showcase your employee testimonials. An employee testimonial is an endorsement from members of your team saying what they like about working for your company. They can be in the form of text or video.

Create a Wall of Love made up of videos of your team sharing what they like about working at your company. Use this in your recruitment materials, like your website and social posts.

High quality candidates will be impressed by an inside look at your company and the people that work there.

Here's an example recruitment Wall of Love:

Showcase your happy team members to attract better quality candidates