Now you've started collecting testimonials, you'll want to understand how you can use them to grow your business - increase sign ups, book demos, and close more sales. Here's 5 ways to use your client testimonials to grow your business.

Share your Wall of Love with leads

You can send it wherever you like, for example over email, your chatbot Whatsapp or LinkedIn. Make sure you include it with any pitches. Here's the Senja Wall of Love. And here's using it in action.

Add testimonials to your website

Increase conversion with social proof on your landing page. We've made a widget to add and update testimonials on your website, without designers or developers!

Create a social post featuring your testimonials

Turn your testimonials into beautiful social images. Share them on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and your other social channels. Create awareness of your service and drive visitors to your website.


Add testimonials to your sign up page

You want more people visiting your website to sign up for your product or service. Most people visit and leave - how can you convince more of them to sign up? Add social proof to your sign up page, like we have:

It's time to try Senja 💜

Senja isn't just about testimonial collection. We can help you share them in the most powerful way, at the right time. Sign up for your free account.