1. Collect them - from clients old and new
  2. Manage them
  3. Tags
  4. Grouping
  5. Highlight the best bits
  6. Share them at the right time

What types of SaaS testimonials are there?

There are a few main types of SaaS testimonial. You can collect text, video and audio testimonials

What is the anatomy of a good testimonial?

There's a big difference between an average testimonial and one that is effective

What should the testimonial say?

Here's some ideas to help focus your customer when writing a testimonial

  • They should describe the problem they were facing
  • They should focus on the benefits
  • They should define some of the outcomes they've had
  • They should highlight anything unique about your company or product

Ideally testimonials are both specific and enthusiastic.

How do I collect testimonials?

A simple way is to email your customers and ask them to reply with a testimonial. However a much better way is to use a tool like Senja which allows you to collect written, video and audio testimonials, and then share them.

Where can I find my testimonials?

You probably already have testimonials and simply do not realise it yet. Have you been commented on Product Hunt, emailed or messaged by a happy customer, or featured on a blog? If so, you can import these into Senja and showcase them on a your own wall of love.

What if I don't have any customers to give me testimonials?

Our suggestion is to give your product or service away for free in return for a testimonial. This will also create early usage and generate word of mouth for your business.

Should I write my own testimonials?

You should never fake testimonials, but your customers may want you to write them on their behalf. If you do this, you should also ask the customer to sign it off. One advantage of this is that you can write it to highlight the benefits, features and comparisons you'd like. A downside is you've missed an opportunity to hear how a customer describes your product in their own, natural language.

Where can I share testimonials?

Testimonials are a great asset for your marketing and sales teams but can be used throughout your company. Here's some places you can use testimonials.