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Testimonial.to is a great tool for collecting customer testimonials. But users looking for a Testimonial.to alternative switch from Testimonial.to to Senja for 3 main reasons:

  • Faster loading pages

  • Fairer pricing

  • More ways to share, with widgets

1. Faster loading pages

When we created Senja, we wanted to ensure that our widgets wouldn't increase page load times. Slow-loading pages deter visitors and rank more poorly in search, decreasing conversion.

Testimonial.to's embeds ship a huge 1MB Javascript bundle to your site, slowing it down dramatically. We’ve taken the time to optimize Senja’s widgets for speed. All of Senja’s embeds come with a JS bundle under 75Kb, shipping only the code that they need.‌

2. Fairer pricing

We wanted to ensure that Senja's pricing was both fair and uncomplicated for early-stage founders. That's why we only have two pricing tiers - free, and Pro.

Our free tier gives you access to all of Senja's features for collecting, managing, and sharing testimonials, but is limited to collecting 10 testimonials.

Our Pro tier is $14 a month and includes all of our features and unlimited testimonials.

Senja testimonial pricingFor comparison, the cheapest monthly plan on Testimonial.to is $25 which is almost double what we charge. This is the second reason we consider ourselves a great alternative to Testimonial.to

Testimonial to expensive pricing - alternative3. More ways to share

This is a big one. When we created Senja we knew that testimonials could be more powerful than just an embeddable Wall Of Love (even though we have those too!).

Our testimonial widgets allow you to add testimonials across your website: onto sign-up pages, demo pages, check-out pages. We also creating ways to export testimonials to your sales documents and as images for your social channels.

❤️ Find out for yourself

Senja is a Testimonial.to alternative that helps you collect, manage and share text and video testimonials. We'd love you to try Senja's free forever plan to find out if it suits your needs. Click here to register for free.

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What is Testimonial.to?

Testimonial is a tool to collect video testimonials,

What is Senja?

Senja is a Testimonial.to alternative that is faster, cheaper, and includes more ways to share.

What are testimonials?

Want to find out more about testimonials, read our guide to testimonials.

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