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I worked with Mark and his agency to design and develop a website for my book and coaching services. He designed five main pages for me: Home, About, a page for the books I’ve published, a coaching services page, and a fully functioning blog. His design for my website was simple yet practical and very user-friendly. There are many subtle design elements he included that take my design to the next level and make my website stand out. Not only did he meet my needs as outlined in our contract, but he also met my desires and made my vision come to life. We had great communication throughout the entire design process— he responds quickly to emails and questions. After the design of my website was complete, Mark sat on an hour-long call with me to walk me through the design of each page, and he even showed me how to purchase a domain, which I had never done before. His support after he completed the design is unmatched. Not to mention, Mark designed my entire website in a matter of one week. I needed speed, and he delivered. I would recommend working with Mark for any design needs you have, especially websites.
Jan 18, 2024
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