Use Case

Activate more sign-ups with Senja

See how easy Senja makes it to use your testimonials to activate more sign-ups.


People are signing up to your product or community, but up to 60% aren't activating, showing meaningful usage of your product.

You know if they don't activate you won't be able to retain them. But your product is good and you just need ways to direct them to how to use it best.


Let your happy customers lead the way. Collect case studies and testimonials demonstrating both what they've achieved, and any tips to get started. This will inspire your new sign-up, and create a sense of connection to your product.

How to do it with Senja [coming soon]

  • Senja makes it really easy 🤗

  • Create a new testimonial Collection Form focused on activation, here's a template.

  • Include a question asking the customer their top tip for getting started.

  • Share the form link and collect text and video testimonials from your happy customers.

  • These will automatically be added to an Activation Collection.

  • Export these testimonials into a beautiful one-page document to send to your new sign-ups


Sales document - coming soon.

The faster, easier way to collect testimonials

Jump in today and see how easy it is to collect testimonials with Senja.

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