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Close more sales with Senja

See how Senja makes it easy to use your testimonials to close more sales.


You want to close more sales leads. Your sales team is working on multiple deals but the sales cycle is too long. You sometimes use testimonials from happy customers to close.

But there's no one central place to find them - videos are in Drive, or local folders, text testimonials are on email, sent over Whatsapp, or somewhere in Notion.

This makes it impossible to uncover the most relevant testimonials quickly.

Finally, you want to prepare nice-looking Sales documents that will blow your leads away, but that's time-consuming even when there is design time to do it.


Store your testimonials in one central place, which your whole team can access easily.

Collect similar themes together, and transcribe your video testimonials so they can be discovered in seconds.

Only use testimonials from your most relevant, happy customers to close.

When trying to close, don't just send the lead generic testimonials you've used 100 times before. Find highly relevant testimonials from people like them. This could be current customers with the same:

  • Job title

  • Industry

  • Team size

Or customers who

  • Have the same objections - but were convinced

  • Champion the benefits or product features that your lead will love

Finally, present them in a way that is both visual and memorable so you leave a great impression.

How to do it with Senja

  • Senja makes it really easy 🤗

  • You can use our search features to find the perfect testimonials in seconds

  • Avoid generic testimonials and focus on ones that will convince your lead

  • Then export them to a sales document to share with your client


Sales document - coming soon.

The faster, easier way to collect testimonials

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