Use Case

Get more job applicants with Senja

See how Senja can help you use your testimonials to get more job applicants.


You want high-quality applicants for your open positions. It's hard to convince the most talented and experienced people to apply when there is so much competition.


Give them a glimpse into life at your company with 'insider videos' from those already working with you. Record videos from your remote team or office, and capture the unique stories of those working with you.

How to do it with Senja

  • Senja makes it easy! 🤗

  • Create a Collection Form that collects video.

  • Ask your team to share their story of working with your company.

  • Turn the videos into a Collection

  • Turn the Collection into a Recruitment Wall of Love to embed onto your recruitment page

The faster, easier way to collect testimonials

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