Use Case

Increase checkouts with Senja

See how Senja can help you use your testimonials to get more checkouts.


You sell online. You want more visitors to add products to their cart and to click 'buy' on your checkout page. This means a higher conversion rate and more revenue.


Use social proof on your check out and product pages to increase add-to-carts and checkouts. Use user-generated video or text testimonials, star ratings, and other indicators of happy customers. Make sure you test different testimonials and formats to have the most impact.

How to do it with Senja

  • Collect customer testimonials easily with Senja 🤗 You can collect video and text testimonials

  • Turn your best testimonials into a Collection.

  • Turn the Collection into a checkout widget on Senja.

  • This can be a vertical checkout widget or a checkout carousel widget.

  • Install into your store with one click


Your checkout page, supported with relevant customer testimonials next to your buy button. Like this:View all available testimonial widgets designed to increase checkouts

The faster, easier way to collect testimonials

Jump in today and see how easy it is to collect testimonials with Senja.

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