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Let your customers share what they love about you

Senja makes it easy for your happy customers to leave you a video or text testimonial. Your beautiful new collection form takes less than 30 seconds to create. See an example!

Save, manage, group, tag and search your testimonials

No more Google Sheets! Finally, one powerful dashboard to manage your testimonials across platforms, whether you have 1 or 1,000,000.

Widgets let you share testimonials when and where you need them most

Testimonials help you convert more visitors, get more sign ups, book more demos and close more leads. With our widgets you can share them... anywhere!

Why choose Senja?


Faster than the speed of light

Your testimonials are supposed to increase conversions, but slow loading times do the opposite. Senja's widgets are blazing fast.


Absolutely Stunning

Senja looks incredible. From the dashboard to the collectors and widgets, Senja's been designed with a great attention to detail.


So simple, a baby can use it

Senja is built to make testimonial organization and management easy. Search, filter, and sort your testimonials. A level of control that you can't find anywhere else.


More than a wall of love

There are more ways to share testimonials than just a wall of love. Senja's growing widget library allows you to add testimonials to your site in more ways than one.


Incredibly Flexible

Senja was built to be extended. Collect custom info from your users, customize your widgets infitely, embed the collector anywhere and more.


Built with lots of love

We're improving Senja every single day. What's more, you have a say in the features we build.

Want to pay a lot for a slow, ugly, overpriced and confusing testimonial tool? Then Senja may not be right for you...

Start collecting and sharing testimonials in minutes, not days.

In just a few clicks, you can start collecting better testimonials that convert, and begin using them to drive sales and improve conversions.

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