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What we learnt analyzing 1,000 customer testimonials collected on Senja

We analyzed over 1,000 testimonials collected by our customers in the last 3 months on Senja.

How we doubled the activation rate of Senja's new sign-ups

Before these changes less than 15% of sign ups activated. After, it's closer to 40%. Here's exactly what we did, before and after:

Senja's October build in public report

October was a slower month, with our MRR increasing by about 50% compared to last month's $126.

How we use Senja to collect testimonials for Senja

We built Senja to make collecting testimonials easy. If you're struggling to collect testimonials or want an inside look in how self-proclaimed experts do it, read on.

Employee testimonials - the complete guide

This simple, plain English guide will show you how and where to collect, manage, and share video and text testimonials from your employees.

From $0 to $250 MRR. How we broke out of absolute zero.

I spent the first 6 months building my startup without MRR. So, I thought I'd write a post highlighting everything we did to break out of absolute zero.

Senja's September build in public report

$321 MRR! September was Senja's best month yet, with growth doubling across almost all our key metrics!

Senja's August build in public report

Our MRR tripled this month!!! Now we're sitting at $141 MRR with the growth of most metrics almost doubling!

How Leading Freelancers Collect the Perfect Client Testimonials

How do you go about collecting testimonials without frustrating clients? We asked 10 freelancers how they do this. Here's what they said.

Senja's July build in public report

Most of our time this month was spent improving the product to a point where we're comfortable marketing it like crazy. Surprisingly, though, growth has been great!

Our first free course: build a high-converting SaaS landing page

Our first free course: create a high-converting SaaS landing page. Start today - it's free.

Testimonial collection software

Everything you need to know about testimonial collection software.

Testimonials: the ultimate guide

From 1 to 1,000, the only guide to testimonials you'll ever need.

Collect video testimonials: the ultimate guide

The why, what and how of video testimonials and the only guide you'll ever need.

We asked 13 indie makers how they collect testimonials. Here's what they said

What's the best way to collect customer testimonials? We asked 13 indie makers this question. Here's what they said!

The faster, easier way to collect testimonials

Jump in today and see how easy it is to collect testimonials with Senja.

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