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We asked 10 leading freelancers how they collect the perfect client testimonial. Here's what they said.

How freelancers can collect the perfect client testimonial A great collection of client testimonials can power your marketing and sales - helping you close more client leads and hit your revenue goals. But how do you go about collecting them witho...

Our first free course: build a high-converting SaaS landing page

Our first free course: create a high-converting SaaS landing page. Start today - it's free.

Testimonial collection software

Everything you need to know about testimonial collection software.

Testimonials: the ultimate guide

From 1 to 1,000, the only guide to testimonials you'll ever need.

Collect video testimonials: the ultimate guide

The why, what and how of video testimonials and the only guide you'll ever need.

We asked 13 indie makers how they collect testimonials. Here's what they said

What's the best way to collect customer testimonials? We asked 13 indie makers this question. Here's what they said!

How we got the Senja widget to load in milliseconds

Embedded testimonials and the need for speed. Here's how we did it.

SaaS landing page testimonials: how to guide

How to collect, manage and share testimonials. The ultimate guide.

SaaS testimonials

Looking for testimonial inspiration? Discover how leading SaaS startups use testimonials on their websites.

5 ways to use your client testimonials to grow your business

Testimonials aren't just for embedding on landing pages. Here's how else you can use them in your business.

How to: 7 ways to collect more customer testimonials

80% of visitors review testimonials before signing up. So it's time to get collecting. Here's 7 ways to collect more customer testimonials.

The faster, easier way to collect testimonials

Jump in today and see how easy it is to collect testimonials with Senja.

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