How to collect customer testimonials?

A great collection of customer testimonials can power your marketing and sales - helping you deliver your new user and revenue goals. But how do you go about collecting them without frustrating customers? We asked 13 founders, freelancers and indie makers how they successfully collect testimonials. Here's what they said:

Collect testimonials when chatting with happy users

Talking with happy customers over your chatbot, Slack or Twitter DMs? Discussing a new feature or how to use your tool? Make sure that you use that time as an opportunity to collect a testimonial from them. That's how Jim from BrandBird, Richard from Coldlytics and Marie from Tally (will) do it:

Collect testimonials on Twitter

If fans of you, and your product, follow you on Twitter, why not post a tweet asking for a testimonial. That's what Jess Telford did! From there you can favourite them, or copy them into a document. With Senja you can even import the tweets, and display them on a Wall of Love, or as testimonial widgets across your website.

Collect testimonials after you have shown interest

It's not just about how you ask for testimonials, but when. Dago from Logology saw a massive increase in testimonial submission after showing a genuine interest in his customers' businesses. Sounds obvious, but it's something busy founders often forget to do. Here's how he did it.

Ask them on the phone or in person

This one is pretty simple. Just phone your customers and ask them to send you a testimonial over email, or dictate one to you right then and there. Simple and effective. Thanks to Elliot for the tip.

Alternatively, if you're a freelancer or consultant running an in-person workshop or event, make sure you finish your session by asking for referrals. Private chef Chris recommends reminding people that referrals are critical to your business, before giving them a card to complete.

Collect testimonial with a timed email

It's important to give your customers time to reflect on your product or service before asking them for a testimonial. Which is why Benjamin Houy from French Together waits 2 months before emailing his course buyers and asking for a testimonial.

Freelancer Bronwyn also uses email, and suggests you follow up with reminders so that your customers don't forget to leave their testimonial.

Finally, Dan from popular Twitter tool ilo emails his users in batches when he's looking to record more customer testimonials. He also collects them from Twitter.

Collect testimonials with a structured form

Sakshi is a freelance B2B content writer who collects and shares testimonials to help her win more work. Her advice is to create a form that ensures your customers structure their testimonial well. has a built in testimonial Collection Form that helps you guarantee the perfect testimonial every time.

Ask for a video testimonial

Tella is a funky Loom alternative that helps you make better videos. Which is why co-founder Grant asks his customers to record a testimonial with Tella, before embedding it on the Tella website. Video testimonials can capture more authentic emotion than text, which is why Senja has video capture built in.

Repurpose your testimonials across platforms

Whether you collected your testimonials on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Product Hunt, remember that you can copy and re-purpose them. Use testimonials when where you need them most - whether that's in your sales proposal, on your website, or keep yourself motivated. Senja's testimonial widgets will inspire you.

New businesses struggle to collect the social proof they need to close more sales deals and convert more visitors. With these tips you should find collecting testimonials simple and rewarding. If you want a free platform to painlessly collect, manage and share your testimonials, consider Senja.