You've created a beautiful Wall of Love to capture social proof - testimonials from your users, clients or course students. But how do you promote it?

Let's get your Wall of Love working for your business, with these 12 places you need to share it:

Social media: Share your Wall of Love link on your personal or business social media accounts, such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. You can even add it as the link in your bio.

Add a link to your Wall of Love to your website head or footer menu. Visitors to your website can review your Wall of Love before contacting you. Add a link back to your website on the wall so visitors can quickly navigate back to your website


Send the link to your leads, contacts and colleagues via email. Here's a few different ways and reasons you might share your link via email:

Email: add it to your email signature

Email: Include it in your outbound sales emails

If you're sending cold emails to leads promoting your product or service, a link to your Wall of Love can help grow your

Email: Include it with your client or customer pitch

Pitching your service and trying to close a sale? It's the perfect time to remind your lead why other people love you. Link to your Wall of Love:

Email: include it in your onboarding sequence

When you run a SaaS, a sign up is not the end of the hard work, but the beginning. If you want to convince more sign ups to activate (use your product meaningfully) you need to keep reminding users of your benefits after they join. A Wall of Love can help you do this.

Example: on Senja, after people register, we send them a series of emails. One email highlights testimonials from our happy customers. You can do this too, or (even more easily) share your Wall of Love link in the email.

Re-direct your Calendy confirmation page to your Wall of Love

Has someone booked a call with you on Calendly? Or downloaded a lead magnet from you? Redirect them to your Wall of Love when done and they'll instantly learn more about why people love you.

With Senja, you can even update the copy on the page to say thank you for booking a call, like this:

Share it via text message

Share the link to your Wall of Love via text message to your enquiries, leads and existing customers. This will help remove doubts and get them to convert.

Share it with leads in your chatbot

Chatbot enquiries from leads are a great time to share your Wall of Love link. They might be asking how your service works, why they should use it, or who else uses it. It's the perfect time to showcase your happy customers.

Share it with leads in your DMs

Like text messages or chatbots, you can share you Wall of Love in your DMs, on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn Messages or Facebook. Like this:

Post it online communities

Share your Wall of Love link in online forums or communities where it may be relevant, such as online wedding planning communities, fitness communities, DIY communities, or family-oriented communities. Don't spam, but if anyone asks about your service you can include the link.

Pair it with *any* conversation you have about your product or service

It should be obvious by now, but you should pair a link to your Wall of Love whenever and wherever you talk about you service. This will help you create interest, build trust and credibility and win more work.

Note! If your Wall of Love is public, anyone with the link will be able to access it. If you want to keep it private, share your link with a selected group of people inly.

You're now an expert at sharing your Wall of Love. Watch the leads close and the money roll in. No need to thank us. Sign up to Senja for a free Wall of Love, we're the leading testimonial collection software.

Next up, let's discuss the different types of Wall of Love.