I analyzed over 1,000 testimonials collected by our customers in the last 3 months on Senja. Here's a few interesting things I found that might just help you collect better testimonials, faster.

Video testimonials are less common

Out of the testimonials collected in the last three months, only 8% are videos. What's even more interesting is that most of the campaigns don't explicitly request video testimonials, but they do mention that their endorsers can send one if they'd like.

Incentives drive more testimonial collection

The most successful campaigns offer gifts in exchange for a testimonial. Most popular gift is a discount, but one campaign sent out had massive success by giving away a freebie.

Typical testimonial length is short!

The average length of a text testimonial is 43 words and 3 sentences. The average length of a video testimonial is 45 seconds.

The best way to ask

The testimonial campaigns with the most success don't have long paragraphs of text asking users what to write and what not to. They typically ask 2-3 questions, and sometimes, no questions at all. Keep it simple silly!