Course Creation Experts

Melissa Guller

At Wit & Wire, you’ll find simplified tech tutorials and modern marketing strategies for online business owners who crave meaningful work and a balanced life.

Sophie Higgins

Helping professionals create meaningful and profitable online courses.

Melody Johnson

Ready to launch your premium program, jettison ahead of 99% of the crowd, and set the virtual stage ablaze as a premium program founder? Melody can help you.

Gina Onativia

Gina helps creators like you cut through the confusion to get your course done - fast.

Kat Sorbello

Kat is a learning & development consultant turned online course creator consultant supporting entrepreneurs and small business owners to scale their knowledge through online courses!

Jordan Godbey

CoursePro is focused on helping creators and subject matter experts launch and grow online courses and communities.

Michael Brook

Wes Kao

Become a sharper marketer, builder, and operator. Over 215,000 people follow Wes's writing across LinkedIn and Twitter.

Sarah Cordiner

Sarah has attracted over 100,000 student enrolments in 168 countries to create, launch and sell their own online courses.

Baidhurya Mani

I am the founder of, a well-known blog in the course creation niche. On this platform, we regularly share useful resources and tools to help creators build a thriving knowledge business.

Marcos Ruiz

Marcos partners with info & education companies to help them grow using Twitter (X).


Virgil's built a $10M course business. Now he teaches others how to build, launch and sell a course, sometimes even shirtless.

Justin Welsh

The Diversified Solopreneur. Building a one-person business to $5M in revenue. Posts & articles about the process.

Jay Clouse

Jay is the founder of Creator Science – studying creators, running experiments, and sharing what he learns.