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Famewall is a great tool for collecting, managing and sharing testimonials. But users looking for a Famewall alternative switch to Senja for 4 main reasons:

  • Better testimonial collection forms

  • Stunning one-click Wall of Love designs.

  • More ways to share, with over 40 widgets and image downloads

1. Better testimonial collection forms

Famewall allows you to create a decent collection form for each wall of fame in your dashboard.

Senja's equivalent to Famewall's wall of fame is a Project.

Senja gives you the more flexibility than Famewall, allowing you to create multiple collection forms for each project. This is especially useful when you want to collect testimonials for different use-cases. For example, having a different form for customers VS free users, or having forms for customers that speak multiple languages.

One way Famewall stands out is that it allows you to collect shoutouts from Twitter, a feature Senja doesn't have.

Senja allows you to translate your form into multiple languages. Famewall does not.

Senja also allows you to add custom fields to your forms, so you can collect any information you want from your responders.

2. Stunning one-click Wall of Love designs

A Wall of Love is a great way to showcase your social proof and win new clients.

Famewall does have this feature, but it lacks greatly when it comes to customization.

With Senja, you can

  • create multiple walls of love for any project

  • Add your logo, navigation and a call to action

  • Customize it in an infinite number of ways

Now your Wall of Love will look as stunning and memorable as the rest of your website. See an example Wall of Love here.

3. More ways to share: widgets and images

When we created Senja we knew that testimonials could be more powerful than just an embeddable Wall Of Love. We introduced the ability to turn your testimonials into images or widgets, which you can display on your website or download and share... everywhere. See example testimonial widgets.

Famewall recently added this feature in, but it isn't as flexible as Senja's widget and image designer.

Our selection of over 40 testimonial widgets allow you to add testimonials across your website: onto sign-up pages, demo pages, check-out pages. Our testimonial images can be posted on your social channels and added or attached to emails as well as platforms like Gumroad.

Find out for yourself 💜

Senja is a free Famewall alternative that helps you collect, manage and share text and video testimonials. We'd love you to try Senja's free forever plan to find out if it suits your needs. Click here to register for free.

Questions and answers: Famewall alternative

What is Famewall?

Famewall is a tool that turns your testimonials into a Wall of Love.

What is Senja.io?

Senja is a Famewall alternative that has one-click Wall of Love designs, testimonial collection forms, and shareable testimonial widgets and images.

What are testimonials?

Want to find out more about testimonials, read our guide to SaaS testimonials.

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