Use Case

Get more demos with Senja

See how Senja makes it easy to get more demos booked and close more leads.

You want more demos booked, and to close more leads. You currently collect demo requests on your website as part of your inbound marketing. And also reach out to leads asking for a chat as part of your outbound sales.


  • For your inbound: Ensure you have a high-converting 'Request a Demo' page.

  • For your outbound: Get more leads onto a call by sending relevant testimonials.

How to do it with Senja

For inbound

  • Add testimonials to your 'Request a Demo' page. We even have a widget for that.

  • This will turn more visitors to your 'Request a Demo' page into demo calls booked.

For outbound

  • Send your leads a document containing your most relevant testimonials as part of your outreach

  • If they have doubts, find customers who addressed that doubt in their testimonials.

  • Search your testimonials for words like "pricing" or "setup" and create a Collection to send to that lead.

  • You can also use our search tools to find people working similar job roles, or talking about similar features


The faster, easier way to collect testimonials

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